Friday, February 5, 2010

Backlighting Resin with LED Panels

Resin and acrylic surfaces can provide intense color and flexibility.  The lightweight nature allows for ease of installation and reduced structural support or hardware.  Many resin-based products are so translucent, attention to the structural systems and lighting design need to be considered to properly eliminate shadows, hot spots, or visual identification of the light source.

GPI’s FLAT-Lite™ custom LED panels were used to backlight 3Form © resin for the renovation of Harrah’s Rincon Café.  All panels were wired back to FLAT-Lite™ Power Supplies so that over 100 SF of LED panels were run off a single power source.

More about the surface:
3Form © Varia Ecoresin “Moderna” collection- swept silver with custom cobalt color and patina finishes.

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