Thursday, November 19, 2009

Top 3 Ways LED Lighting Technology Can Earn LEED Points


LED lighting can be a significant contributor to obtaining LEED certification for a new building. The use of one technology or product cannot guarantee LEED certification, but LED lighting systems can contribute to LEED certification in at least three areas: Energy and Atmosphere, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Innovation.

GPI's FLAT-Lite LED lighting system provides:
· Low power consumption (12V)
· High source efficacy
· Optical control
· Extremely long operating life (approximately 70,000 hours)
· Delivered lumens
· Very low operating temperature
· Environmental responsibility (LEDs contain no lead or mercury)
· Variety of color temperatures
· Compatibility with photovoltaics (compatible in off-grid solar energy systems)
· Compatibility with lighting control systems
· Dimming options (LEDs’ efficacy actually increases when they are dimmed due to lower junction temperatures)

1. Energy and Atmosphere (EA)
The optimization of energy performance is worth 1 to 10 points in the LEED certification for new construction. This is the primary area where LED lighting can have an impact.

2. Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ)
Control of the lighting system by individual occupants or specific groups in multi-occupant spaces can potentially earn 1 point toward LEED certification. LED luminaires provide the opportunity to work as part of a lighting control plan. They provide light instantaneously once power is applied, requiring no warm up time. LED lighting systems can also be dimmed to provide variable light output depending upon the needs of the occupant.

3. Innovation and Design Process (ID)
The utilization of innovative products and processes may earn between 1 and 4 points toward LEED certification. As LED lighting systems for general lighting represent new, innovative technology, they may qualify for LEED certification credit.

To learn more about the USGBC LEED Certification system, click here.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Driverless Podcars at Masdar City

If walls could talk, then our newest installation at Masdar City's Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) Station would have a lot to say.  The LED backlit glass feature walls (below) frame the entrances into the city's futuristic transportation hub, soon to house the latest cutting edge trend in sustainable transportation.

The  PRT Station is implementing the transit "podcars" to provide sustainable transport to the city's projected 50,000 residents. These compact on-demand travel pods are fully automated and powered by magnetic tracks.   Cars are eliminated, street level green space is preserved, and  places are closely linked via smooth user interface and programmable destinations.

More about Masdar City's transportation system:

Installation Crews on Site at Masdar City, UAE

Masdar City Construction Site: 3 square miles

Some of the largest glass panels ever manufactured!  
LED panels were record-breaking as well.

Progress photo wall 1 of 7

Continuing to expand our international reach, GPI installation crews are currently on site in Abu Dhabi constructing over 3,000 square feet of LED backlit feature walls made of 100% recycled glass.  

Many thanks to our crew members who are sweating out long hours in the sweltering heat! 

To learn more about Masdar City, the world's first carbon-neutral and zero-waste city, click here

Visit the architect's website to see the overall vision: Foster and Partners